What we do

Functional Foods

Test efficacy, refine formulations, develop mechanistic data for EFSA submissions, predict and design human trials.

Modelling Digestion

From whole meals to single substrates our systems can model how your performs in a physiologically relevant simulation of digestion.

Human Trials

Through close collaboration with Newcastle University we are able to offer human trials for acceptability, palatability and efficacy from pilot to large scale.

Drug Delivery

Using a unique method for combining mucus with cell culture models allows us to simulate dissolution, mucus permeation and epithelial absorption in a single system.

Mucus Permeation

The mucus barrier acts as a key barrier to intestinal absorption. Failure to appreciate this often leads to problems with drug delivery. Our systems can simulate and predict mucus permeation.

Routine Testing

We offer competitive pricing and high quality service delivery for routine analysis and testing, along with involved follow up to help understand and interpret results.

Bespoke Modelling

Aelius Biotech systems are flexible and our scientists enjoy a challenge so if you have a sticky problem with mucus or the digestive tract, please get in touch.

Epithelial Absorption

Aelius Biotech have access to a range of standard cell lines as well as primary cell cultures from patients and normals for absorption studies. 

Research Consultancy

Get in touch to see how our team of academic and industry experts can help you.