The Future of Gut Modelling

Mucus Permeation
Epithelial Absorption

At Aelius Biotech we understand the barriers to developing orally delivered products because we understand the barriers of the gastrointestinal tract.

We develop and use world leading in vitro gastrointestinal models that integrate the digestive, mucus and epithelial barriers.  With these models we help you to de-risk and accelerate the development of the next generation of orally delivered products.

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Specialist GI expertise and consultancy

  • GI knowledge and experience
  • Problem solving expertise
  • Independent, impartial consultants

Gastrointestinal modelling expertise

  • Make data driven decisions early
  • Cost-effective & timely testing
  • Avoid animal testing

Human trials and consumer testing

  • Consumer testing
  • Bespoke trial design
  • Up to large scale human trials

Making better decisions, quickly

Our mission is to help innovative people and organisations to make the data-driven decisions needed to drive the development of the next generation of food products and orally delivered medications.

We achieve this through equipping our customers with a combination of our world leading, integrated gastrointestinal models, our expert team’s comprehensive research skills, and through designing and running bespoke human trials for academic and commercial projects.

gut model
“Using the integrated gastric model to assess gastric damage has been very valuable to our research and development pipeline. Our interest has been in assessing the effect of our formulations on the epithelia in relevant Gl secretions with a mucus barrier present. This has been very useful to us.”
Ann Taylor-Hutchinson

Pharmaceutical Development Director

“We have worked with Aelius Biotech on the development of two products that have gone to human trials to support EFSA health claims and have seen the value that reliable in vitro models can provide. The model has helped us make numerous key decision and investments. I am sure these models will be used by industry to accelerate and improve product development.”
Jon Farrimond

Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

“Working with Aelius and their human gut model proved to be an extremely cost effective way to run trials on our products. This data guided future research for human trials, as well as giving highly relevant and credible results for scientific publications and commercial successes.”
Craig Rose

Managing Director

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