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Champion the right products
Avoid costly mistakes
Own your data

Understanding Barriers

We understand the literal and figurative barriers involved in gastrointestinal modelling.

Development of high value products for the pharmaceutical and functional food markets is costly, time-consuming and risk of failure is high; current in vitro systems are limited, the median time to market for a new drug is 8.3 years​, and only 1 in 10 drugs make it through Phase 1 human trials.​

In response to this clear and recognised need for predictive in vitro models, we have developed the first cell compatible mucus layer that can be built onto cell culture systems to see how a whole formulation behaves. The result: digestion, mucus permeation and absorption can now all be modelled together in a single system.

Working with us

Aelius Biotech is at the frontier of gastrointestinal modelling. Using our world-leading models and expertise, we develop non-animal lab models that empower our customers with robust, usable data to drive the development of the next generation of orally delivered products.

When you work with us, you will:​

  • Gather reliable, external, credible data and expertise, empowering you to champion the right products
  • Select early and kill cheaply and quickly
  • Screen more compounds and concepts ​in vitro​
  • Reduce, refine and improve costly later stage testing
  • Receive better direct resources​
  • Avoid costly mistakes as an individual and company​​
  • Find out answers to difficult questions confidentially, discretely and objectively​​
  • Own your data and results​ we generate for you​

We equip our customers with the Aelius Toolkit – a wealth of knowledge, resources and tools to help overcome any R&D barriers you are facing.

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