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Products and formulations may have correctable flaws – identifying these early means they can be addressed.

The Aelius Formulation Toolkit will arm you with everything you need to select, design, optimise and improve your formulations in the early stages and to make data-driven decisions, so your oral delivery R&D is cheaper, quicker, safer and more effective and your chances of successfully getting to market are increased.

Explore the Aelius Formulation Toolkit below and please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Gastrointestinal Expertise


GI Consultancy & Expertise

Our team has decades of collective experience in industry and academia, working on everything from product development to fundamental research. If you get in touch with us, we’d love to have a chat about how our expertise can support you and your company.

Human Trials


Human Trials

We have extensive experience designing and running human trials for both academic and commercial projects. Previous trials have included glycaemic index testing, consumer acceptability studies, taste tests, right through to large scale clinical trials.

Lab Models


Digestive Models

Our predictive lab models simulate the entire digestive tract right through the mouth, stomach, small intestine and large intestine.
We can look at how foods, functional foods, ingredients and APIs affect and are affected by digestion. These systems are flexible and scalable and can be adapted to meet your research challenges.


Cell Absorption Studies

We have a range of gastrointestinal, airway and other cell culture systems set up in the lab. We also have access to primary cell culture sources.
We can run multiple experimental formats including flat plate and transwell systems, with capability to automate testing for scale.


Digestion & Absorption Models

Our Integrated Model Gut Systems are the first systems capable of modelling digestion, mucus permeation and epithelial absorption in a single system. By modelling the mucus layer and applying this to cell culture systems with digestive fluids we have been able to integrate digestive modelling with cell absorption systems.


Bioactive Screening & Testing

We have a wide range of enzyme, nutrient and biomarker assays that can be used to screen and test for bioactive effects.
We have used these to identify high value properties and applications of a range of compounds, products and extracts.


Nutrient Analysis

We have a wide range of in-house methods and analytical systems for looking at nutrients and biomarkers (e.g. amino acids, SCFAs, micro and macronutrients). Whether this is in whole foods and formulation, human samples or samples from the model gut system, we can test, identify, quantify and analyse your compounds of interest.


Toxicology/Cell Damage

Using our cell culture systems and integrated mucus-cell models we can characterise cytotoxicity of formulations in a physiologically relevant test system.
We have used this to identify strategies to re-formulate NSAIDs to reduce topical cytotoxicity – please see our case studies for further information.


Mucus Interaction Studies

With decades of experience in mucus, we have a range of methods and systems set up in the lab to look in to mucus interactions. These include permeation studies, rheological studies and cell interaction studies.


HPLC & Other Analysis

We have a range of analytical methods set up in the lab but are always keen to take on a challenge and set up new methods to meet customer needs.


Rheology and Viscosity

With rheometers and viscometers set up in the lab we have capability to carry out a range of materials analysis e.g. mucosal protectives. We can also provide expert support of how to interpret and use this data meaningfully.


Airway Models

We have a range of airway cell culture systems – including air liquid interface models – and have access to primary cell culture systems.

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